“Teaching Tips: Critical Thinking Exercise”

After covering a specific lesson, I have students form into groups of three to four members.  The teams are presented a critical thinking problem regarding the specific topic.  Each group is provided with the same problem statement.  To read full article click here

“ For Faculty by Faculty”

Often instructors are surprised at the comments in the end-of-term student assessments. Daily and/or weekly assessments of the class by the students might help the instructor be in touch with the concerns of the students allowing modification of techniques and additional guidance prior to the end of the term. To read full article click here

“Student Folders”

I created a file folder for each of the students in the class that I taught this term.  The purpose of the file folder is to keep one central location for all work submitted/completed by each student.During the first class, I had the students fill out a form with their demographic information – especially needed telephone number and email address. To read full article click here

“The Question Basket”

From time to time students feel uncomfortable asking questions. It is for this reason that I have placed a small white wicker basket on the end of my desk. The first night of class students are all given ten 3x5 cards to write questions on. Students know that they can place questions in the basket about anything relevant to class material. To read full article click here


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