• gCarlson Inc. provides professional guidance on compliance to ACICS accredited institutions.  We ensure that we help you meet the criteria set up by this national accreditation body;
  • We provide managerial training for different levels of managers in educational institutions be it private or public;
  • gCarlson Inc. makes sure that all their clients have the right personnel at various levels of the organization.  This helps the organization perform its core functions efficiently and effectively;
  • We provide electronic data management to our clients;
  • Our services provide is computer network and data security.  Information technology experts are available as network administrators for computer data management in educational institutions.
  • gCarlson Inc. consultants assist in setting up monitoring and evaluation services for colleges to collect over a period for analysis.

The Last Four Years of Service

gCarlson Inc. specializes in assisting colleges with planning and implementation of organizational goals to meet set criteria. In so doing, we help with setting up monitoring and evaluation systems for the organization. We also provide the analytical tools for the colleges to enable them to analyze the data collected.
gCarlson provides expertise in all functional areas of the operations of the college.
• Academics
• Career Services
• Recruitment
• Human Resources
• Financial Aid
• Administration
• Board Training

From 2010 until the present we have working with colleges in all of the above mentioned functional areas. The aspect of this involvement is for the premise that schools are a team and the service lines for each functional are is connected and the student has experience with each one. It is the experience each person has with the services that solidifies the loyalty of a student to their education and school leaders. Each schools organizational structure needs to compliment these policies and procedures. Services are dependent on the success of each of the other providers to complete a first team effort by all receiving their services.







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